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Reputation Management

Reputation Management 101 – What You Need To Know

How you manage your reputation in the business world is a necessary skill that can either help or harm your career. The main thing to remember is that a lot of people in business know how to manage their image, which is why they do so well. Thankfully, the following advice can be of help […]

Video Marketing

One Key Trick that Boosts Your Video’s SEO

Make no mistake search engine optimization is a very important consideration when doing video marketing. Don’t ever think that since you’re creating videos and uploading them on YouTube and other places that SEO is not a consideration. You’re only fooling yourself by thinking that way. Sooner or later, your ignorance of the importance of SEO […]

7 Tips to Make Your Video Content Really Stand Out

Video marketing is a major trend and many businesses are investing in it. This is because of the many apps like Instagram and Snapchat that are making it easier for one to create and share videos. Also, many businesses are investing in it because of content saturation. However, with many businesses adopting this strategy, it […]